1. Consolata Shrine Self Help Group
2. Don Bosco, Upperhill Self Help Group
3. Basilica Self Help Group
4. St Joseph Sacrament Muringa Huruma Self Help Group
5. St. Francis Ndenderu Self Help Group
6. Our Lady Queen Of Peace Self Help Group
7. St Catherine Of Alexandiria Self Help Group
8. St Paul Chapel Self Help Group
9. St Joseph Allamano Ruaka Self Help Group
10. St. Peter Clavers Self Help Group
11. St. Raphael Kabete Self Help Group
12. St. Catherene Of Siena Kitisuru Self Help Group
13. Our Lady Of Rosary Ridgeways Self Help Group

As is the norm, each year the Nairobi Central Zone embarks on a CSI project to uplift the lives of
our community members. It was agreed by the CSI committee that the year’s project would be
undertaken within Our Lady Queen of Peace parish. This was decided in honour of the late former
chairlady of OLQP Self Help Group (Josephine Malenge) who passed on early in the year 2020.
She was an active member of the CSI committee and her contribution will really be missed.
The year 2020 was also characterized by the Covid-19 pandemic which disrupted most of the
activities planned for the year. None the less, our spirit of touching the hearts of our communities
still solders on with the aim of creating an impact in the communities.


With the onset of Corona Pandemic nearly 15 months down the line, the Ministry of Education
came out with disturbing news on the rising rate of teenage pregnancy. Over a period of three
months into lockdown in March 2020 due to COVID-19, 152,000 Kenyan teenage girls
became pregnant — a 40% increase in the country’s monthly average. These numbers, from
early July, are some of the earliest pieces of evidence linking the COVID-19 pandemic to
unintended pregnancies. The numbers were very alarming and we saw the need to educate and
create an impacts on young girls to ensure that they stay in school. This can be achieved by
creating a “Safe House” aimed at impacting this girl positively. Statistically over 4000 school
going teenage girls are risking not going back to school due to early parenting, this could be 

avoided if simple precautions would be taken seriously and cautiously.

Public health officials and women’s rights advocates worry that the ongoing pandemic is delaying

an adequate response to a growing sexual reproductive health crisis.
Teenage pregnancies have been proven to cause serious negative impacts on the lives and future
of the affected girls especially with regards to their overall health as well as mental and social wellbeing.
Teen mothers less likely continue with their pursuit of education and thus end up in poverty
which comes with both depression and rejection. Some teens decide to terminate their pregnancies
without considering the numerous risks they pose to themselves. Abortions are the second leading
cause of death for girls 15-19 years of age and the victims who survive face lifelong complications
including fistula. Worse still, some take their lives for fear of judgement and feelings of guilt.
The idea is to create a Safe House for teenage girls is to enable them to share their challenges and
get mentorship and guidance and in addition explore new ways to share sex health education.